Easy and affordable for all

Cost-effective and feature-rich digitals Wills.

Simple Step by step process

Complete with a full video walkthrough of each section.

Digital Wills are 100% legal

Our software produces 100% comprehensive legal Wills.

Only 10 minutes to complete

Simple-to-follow guides write a Will in as little as 10 minutes.

Approved by our legal experts

Produced by an expert panel of lawyers and estate planners.

Islamic and Standard Wills

Al-Yusra is our Islamic Will, Sterling our Standard Will.

Sterling Standard Will happy family image

Sterling - Standard Will from only £50

Sterling Wills are 100% legal & developed by our legal and estate planning experts. Sterling Wills fully conforms to the UK Wills Act 1837.  

Some Key Features

  • Add up to 4 executors with built-in trustee clauses
  • Leave complex gifts, such as a business, shares or property
  • Additional beneficiaries split by percentage
  • Cutting edge anti-fraud features

Al Yusra Will family laughing together

Al Yusra - Islamic Will / Wasiyya from only £50

Al Yusra Wills are written by respected Muslim scholars, fully Shariah-compliant. Approved by Masryef & fully conform to the UK Wills Act 1837.

Some Key Features

  • Unique Islamic Inheritance Calculator that follows the Holy Quran
  • Additional Beneficiaries clause – of a maximum of one-third of your estate
  • Assets & Sedekah – Include gifts of property, money or anything else
  • Make provision for unfulfilled obligations


Join the revolution in digital Wills, create a Will with no obligation to buy!


Complexity & Fear

The cost and complexity added to the fear of getting it wrong.

Where to start?

People just don’t know where to start or the consequences of not having a Will.

Nothing to leave

The assumption that there is nothing worth leaving or simply being too young.


Family Conflicts

Not having a Will can create conflicts among family members or beneficiaries.

Distribute Assets

Without a Will, you can’t choose how to distribute your assets; it will follow the distribution guidelines in the Wills Act.

Legal Disputes

Having a Will prevents any legal disputes amongst family members. These can be lengthy & expensive.


Choose a Sterling Standard Will or in like manner an Al Yusra Islamic Will. Firstly, in minutes, you’ll have a fully legal Will compliant with UK or Islamic law. Secondly they are designed in collaboration with leading solicitors and Imam. Not to mention our platform allows you the freedom to leave gifts and legacies to those most precious to you. Moreover every change you make is saved and remains on our secure servers.

Equally important, by the same token you can now leave a legacy gift for your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, making a Will that reflected Islamic or state laws were complicated not to mention expensive. Equally important, we’ve uniquely harnessed the latest in online technology. Combining it with our passion to make things simple. To say nothing of providing some complimentary legal documents at no extra cost. So whether you got married, had more children, or moved house, your Al Yusra or Sterling Will changes with you.

Join the Digital Revolution Cutting Edge TechnologyGroundbreaking InnovationAnti Fraud FeaturesIslamic Inheritance Calculator

Islamic Inheritance Calculator

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Fully Automated process

Add your beneficiaries – Coupled with 0ur unique Islamic Inheritance Calculator moreover – Calculates the exact percentages as specified in the Quran

In addition together with our unique Anti Fraud Feature

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3 Simple Steps

Write down the unique Will code – After that, take a photo holding the code – In conclusion, the photo and code get added to the final Will.