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“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequest not to let two nights pass
without writing a will about it.”

– Sahih Al-Bukhari

Our Al Yusra Islamic Will is entirely Shariah-compliant. The Will and built-in Inheritance Calculator have been approved and given full Shariah compliance status by Shariah Advisors of Masryef Management House.

CreateWills currently offers Islamic Wills in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the UK. We are partnering with central banks, financial institutions and large corporations to provide fully Shariah-compliant Islamic Wills to their customers.

Islamic Inheritance Calculator

Use our built-in Islamic Inheritance Calculator to distribute your estate according to Islamic Law

Verified by Shariah Advisors

Our Islamic Will and the Inheritance Calculator have been checked and verified by Shariah Advisors

Legally Valid Will in the UK

Our Islamic Will is 100% legal and valid according to the laws of the UK and every Will is checked and signed off by a Solicitor

Al Yusra’s Key Features

Including, do you communicate in the language used in the portal? If the answer is no, then your Will records Who is interpreting in a language you understand? for your protection.

Choose the guardians for your children

Administrator(s) / Executors – In the unlikely event that no one is available Following Islamic law, we have provided the option Majority, or All must agree

Add beneficiaries and choose if you want the recommended share allocation printed in the final Will or left blank for your local Faraid Council to manually add the correct percentage. Calculations are taken from our unique Faraid algorithm that follows the Holy Quran distribution guide.

  • Somebody can leave additional beneficiaries clause – a maximum of one-third of your estate can be left to whomever you wish – this may include friends and family not entitled to inherit under Sharia

Medical, mechanical support clause – In the event it is medically certified that your body cannot function without mechanical support, do you wish to be placed on any form of life support machine.

Include gifts of property, money, or anything else, with the option for the gift to be given as Sedekah. We also provide the facility to add replacement beneficiaries for the gift.

Photo ID Verification including unique reference printed on the Will

Free additional supporting documents including

  • My Debts – What I owe, debts that must be settled before the distribution of assets
  • My Debtors – What is owed to me
  • Trusts – What is kept/held on trust by me
  • Unfulfilled Obligations – including Fidyah, To pay Kaffarah, To pay Diyah, To pay unperformed hajj, Unaccomplished urban or other Wajib, any other owing or obligation that is unfulfilled
  • List your assets – for the purpose of probate
  • Location of important documents
  • Do not resuscitate form

The Importance of Creating An Islamic Will

The importance of the Islamic Will (Wasiyya) is clear from a number of hadith, such as the one quoted below. Observance with the Islamic laws of Inheritance carries the potential of great blessing and mercy from our Creator, as mentioned in Surah An-Nisa. The Islamic laws of Inheritance provide for a specific distribution as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah Syafie, Hanbali, Maliki and Hanafi and codified by scholars. However, unless you make a valid Islamic Will, your estate will not be distributed following Islamic laws of Inheritance, and you will not be able to leave Wasiyya.

The Wasiyya is the portion of up to a third of your estate. Which you can leave to anyone who does not automatically inherit under the Islamic laws of Inheritance. Your Al Yusra Islamic Will is stored securely in the cloud.

Once your Will has been completed and payment made. You click to have it sent to our legal team, and we even make provision for you to ask questions. The team will respond directly to you via email when the Will has been through the checking process. Any feedback from the legal team has been acted upon by you. We then print and post the Will to you via 1st Class post.

For added peace of mind, our fully regulated legal team who are Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Meaning they must adhere to the code of conduct rules detailed by the regulatory bodies in the UK. All services offered are insured up to the value of £2 Million.

Our Wills are compliant with the laws of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Future-proofing the Will

You can make as many changes as you wish for twelve calendar months from the time you purchase a Will/or changes without being re-charged. After this period we charge a fee of £15 for this facility. This includes; reprinting of the Will and postage (This is included when your purchase a full service Will for £75.00 – if a discounted Will has been purchased printing and postage can be added at checkout).

Will re-checking

We have made the provision that should your circumstances change, and you update the Will you can have a Will rechecked for £25. Please choose the option you require from checkout; it’s as simple as that.

Need something more?

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